Holly Hofmann | Jazz Flutist

Holly Hofmann
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Newport’s Oregon Coast Jazz Party October 3-5

 On the first weekend of October, the Newport breeze carries the sound of world-class jazz… it’s time for the 11th annual Oregon Coast Jazz Party! Set for Friday, Oct. 3 through Sunday, Oct. 5, this event showcases the brilliance of 12 extraordinary musicians and three amazing ensembles, all at the [ ... click post title to read full story ]


Rising Star

Downbeat Magazine has certainly been good to me the last two months. It makes me smile that I can be a “Rising Star” in midlife and with thirteen recordings as a leader. It shows one how much a new recording like Low Life can capture the attention of a whole [ ... click post title to read full story ]


Low Life Release Concert at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library

Dear Jazz Friends, In about a month, I’ll be celebrating my brand new, all-alto flute CD here in San Diego. The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library has invited us to be part of their Jazz at TSRI Series and all the wonderful artists on the recording will be performing at [ ... click post title to read full story ]