Rising Star

Holly Hofmann


Rising Star

Downbeat Magazine has certainly been good to me the last two months. It makes me smile that I can be a “Rising Star” in midlife and with thirteen recordings as a leader. It shows one how much a new recording like Low Life can capture the attention of a whole new group of listeners and critics. Of course, with a rhythm section like Mike Wofford, John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton and Anthony Wilson, it should capture the hearts of many! They certainly captured mine with their wonderful spirit and musicianship at the recording session. Playing jazz with good friends always makes better music, I think.

The jazz journalists have also been receptive and fascinated with the all-alto flute concept. I do try to remember my Dad always told me that you can’t believe the wonderful reviews, because if you do, you have to believe the bad ones. (Fortunately, there haven’t been bad reviews!)

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Rising Star

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Thought for the day: “The flute is not an instrument that has a good moral effect; it is too exciting.”

– Aristotle