Just Duet, Vol. 2

Holly Hofmann


Just Duet, Vol. 2

  • Release date: 2003-01-01
  • Label: Azica
  • Catalog #: ADJ-72224

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Review by Scott Yanow  | From: www.allmusic.com
Flutist Holly Hofmann (based in San Diego) and Bill Cunliffe (who plays often in both Los Angeles and in New York) have teamed up in several different situations, most notably as a duo. This CD finds the two-piece band to be a very self-sufficient unit with a surprising amount of variety. During a set that ranges from hot boppish stomps (such as “Powell’s Prances,” “I Mean You,” and “High Flutin’ Blues”) to exploratory and at times wistful versions of ballads (“Time to Say Goodbye” and “Old Folks”) and Schumann’s “Three Romances,” Hofmann and Cunliffe consistently inspire each other. The close musical communication between the pair is quite impressive, as are their spontaneous ideas and quick reactions. The music is moody but generally quite upbeat, and although based in bop, it is not limited by its boundaries. The closing “Home” is a change of pace, with Cunliffe playing synthesizer and Mark Libby added on percussion. Otherwise, this is a strictly acoustic, but often electrifying collaboration. Highly recommended.




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