Holly Hofmann

  1. JEN photo Live 15

  2. HH MW JC JH

  3. Holly Hofmann and Mike Wofford Quartet featuring Jeff Hamilton and Christoph Luty with the Orange County String Orchestra: Jobim with Strings set.

  4. Holly Hofmann with bass legend Ray Brown at Birdland, NYC.

  5. Holly with Jaime Valle, Bob Magnusson and Jim Plank in San Diego. Photo courtesy of Mark Keller.

  6. Flutology at the Monterey Jazz Festival

  7. Holly teaching jazz flute at Texas Tech University. Photo courtesy of Lisa Garner Santa.

  8. National Flute Convention 2010: The Pearl Flutes Gang!

  9. Holly Hofmann/Mike Wofford Quartet at the Telluride Jazz Festival

  10. At the completion of Minor Miracle recording session: Mike Wofford, Holly Hofmann, Victor Lewis, and Peter Washington.

  11. At the Blue Note, NYC with pianist Bill Cunliffe

  12. Flutology, Left to Right: Holly Hofmann, Frank Wess and Ali Ryerson

  13. Benny Carter and Holly Hofmann at the Horton Grand, San Diego

  14. Holly Hofmann at Kennedy Center with band-members Nicki Parrott and Sylvia Cuenca

  15. Frank Potenza Organ Trio, featuring Joe Bagg and Steve Barnes, plus one.

  16. Holly Hofmann Quartet 1: Mike Wofford, Holly Hofmann, John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton in Los Angeles.

  17. Holly Hofmann with Mundell Lowe at the W.C. Handy Festival

  18. Holly playing Alto flute long tones in the green room at the Newport Beach Jazz Party 2011.

  19. Great fun playing with Anat Cohen at the Newport Beach Jazz Party 2011.

  20. Mike, Holly, Christoph Luty and Lewis Nash at the Newport Beach Jazz Party 2011.

  21. Mike, Holly, Christoph Luty, Lewis Nash and Anat Cohen at the Newport Beach Jazz Party 2011.

  22. Holly with Benny Green, Chuck Berghofer, Lewis Nash and Bob Mintzer at the Newport Beach Jazz Party 2011.

  23. On tour in New Zealand…the band: Erna Ferry, Mike Wofford, Holly Hofmann, Rodger Fox, Lance Philip, Paul Dyne

  24. Holly and Lew Tabackin with NFA Jazz Flute Big Band

  25. Holly Hofmann playing Alto Flute

  26. Spring 09 Wrap Party for Three’s Company in NYC : Holly and Mike with Tom Burns (Capri Records), Regina Carter and Alvester Garnett.

  27. Holly Hofmann at Summer Nights Jazz.

  28. The Mike Wofford / Holly Hofmann Quintet rehearsals for “Turn Signal,” to be released in 2012 from Capri Records.

  29. Opening night at the Village Vangard!